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A few months ago I had a special ME day with a Magical photographer, Ellenor de Boer – Photographer, I didn’t tell a soul, not even Lee (my husband) or the kids, headed off to Geelong with no idea what would unfold….. several hours of pampering, encouragement and lots of laughter I am beyond words how the photos turned out……Empowering Yes indeed.

Love this lady and Her photos, Yes I felt like I was on top of the world, Empowering, Yes indeed, I had so much confidence to try what I always wanted to do, even being heavily over weight….. Ellenor helped me find what we all have inside us Ladies, and Still be reflective of what others see every day…………………..Its ME  xxx


 It was a lovely experience.

I bought my voucher at a charity auction thinking I was helping out the charity, not giving what I bought much thought, thinking I would get a couple of photos of my husband and my self. After talking and working with Ellenor and suggesting some artistic shots, we worked together to bring my ideas to fruition. I had so much fun creating my photos, I could have done this all day; and the photos turned out so good.


I truly loved the experience and between your magic & talent and Anastacia's (my hair and make up artist) hard work I finally can look at my photos and know that I looked wonderful.

So a BIG thank you for everything.

I absolutely loved the experience (completely out of my comfort zone!) and adore & respect yours and Anastacia's work... talent talent talent!!

Thanks again.