I have a few things on my “Life Wish List” or you may call it “your Bucket list” and one of them was to have some professional photos taken. I can now tick that off my list. I met Ellenor De Boer at one of the Wellbeing Expo’s in Geelong and she had been in my mind ever since. A few months later she posted something about having photos taken on Facebook and I then applied to be one of her ladies she would “glamour up” and she called me up a few weeks later. |

When meeting Ellenor De Boer we discovered that we had a passion in common – rowing. 
It was such an exciting day to have the photos taken. The first thing I did was to have my hair curled. Eleanor did my make-up. I kept saying, not too much…I like the “natural” look and she said slightly more is needed when having photos taken. 

As she did my make-up we started talking about confidence in women and a little about my story…which she wanted to feature… so here is a little about me; I was born in Sweden 1969 which makes me a proud 48 years young. I came to Australia in 1990 as I competed for the World Rowing Championships. I always had a passion for sports, starting as a 3-year-old doing ballet! I danced Jazz Ballet for years, did Ballet, Athletics, Basketball and at the age of 16 I started Rowing and became a talent very quickly. I also was passionate about theatre and music but Rowing quickly took over and I started representing Sweden. This took me to many places around Europe followed by Australia in 1990. Around that time, I met my x husband that was a rower as well and a few years after - in 1993 our first daughter was born. We moved country when she was only 4 months old. 2 ½ years later our son was born. 

I started a career as a Personal Trainer and Masseur in Australia plus a few other jobs within the health and wellness field and in the year 2000 I started my own Health and Personal Training Business. I have always followed my passion. I guess I have enormous determination, perseverance, passion and kept it going even after an extremely devastating divorce. I kept changing, growing and developing to keep my passion in health and wellness. Having a chance to have the photo shoot and tick another thing off my “life Wish List” makes me reflect on life. How did I do it? From an outsider’s view, it might have looked “easy”. I can tell You this, I have experienced heart break beyond this world and challenges. Sometimes I wonder what made me keep going as there was many dark moments. But I kept picking myself up. Shortly after my divorce I decide to write a Book, which also was one of my items on my “life wish list”. I called it “Body Awakening – Balance the body, mind and spirit with Pilates and & an active lifestyle”.

Whilst talking to Ellenor De Boer I realised one thing; that was that I have confidence I can do it. I have an extreme will power. I know that if I can see myself do something in my mind, I know I can do it in real life…I can manifest it. As years have gone by, I have also developed true love for myself. I do appreciate me, for who I am. I can look myself in my eyes and say I love You. I tell myself daily, I love myself. I have learnt through the years that I have to “be there for myself” when no one else is. I have learnt to rely on my own love, rather than being dependent on praise and love from others.
I have through the years realised that I need to nurture all of me – both my body, mind and spirit and accept all of me and be grateful for what I have got and who I am.

I thank my Spirit for being so strong and for getting me through the tough times, and for having the confidence I needed then and now. I see so many women that don’t have enough confidence and don’t love themselves enough. I find it selfish to not love oneself. It’s like cheating on your own spirit. To be happy with oneself and focus on the things that are good and what you love -can transform one’s life.

I also find that some women say they don’t have the confidence to have certain things. Confidence is something we can learn, like any other behaviour.
I guess, the first step for me was acting as I was confident that I was going to get through the tough times, I had to act as I could run a successful business. With time the confidence grew.

I am so passionate about empowering other women, particularly in growing their confidence so that they can live the life of their dreams. I still work as a masseur, pilates/yoga instructor but also work as a Wellness/NLP Master Coach, hypnotherapist and run my dream Wellbeing Centre/shop in Torquay which was also one of the items on my “life wish list”. 

Tomorrow I will meet up with Ellenor De Boer to look at my photos as I am sure that they will be amazing. One thing I know, there is much more to the photos you will see of me. I may be beautiful on the outside but what’s matters most to me is my happiness inside. Beauty to me comes from inside. Let’s hope my beauty from the inside and my confidence will radiate in the photos me that you will see.

Life is amazing! Make yours matter. Walk in your own shoes with confidence,

I Thank You beautiful Ellenor De Boer for an amazing experience! Love your work and that you follow your passion.


Kerry and Sam

Sam and Kerrry-2.jpg

My daughter Sam and I spent a day with Ellenor having our photos taken. We had a great day with lots of laughs. Ellenor is a warm and generous person who put us at ease the moment we walked in the door. 

I was expecting the photos of Sam to be stunning as she is very photogenic- and they were. There was one in particular that truely took our breath away. 

As for me, we’ll to be honest I wasn’t expecting that much as I usually don’t like photos of myself. But I really loved the photos Ellenor produced. 

If you are looking for some amazing photos of yourself I highly recommend Ellenor. She is passionate and knowledgeable about photographing women and is a really nice person who you will enjoy spending time with.




Ellenor, your Exhibition is amazing! Such a great concept. You've captured all of us "regular ladies" so beautifully - photogenically & anecdotally. You made me feel so relaxed during the photo-shoot. It was wonderful to meet you, such an unforgettable experience! Thank you, Irene

Siou Gilbey-Pashley 



Just got home from a wonderful day with Ellenor....arrived at 10 am to the warmest of welcome's... you know its going to be fun when you are greeted with a huge hug �.... a cool drink and a relaxed chat along with a game of 'bunny tug o war' with the friendliest little fur-person started my photo session in a great way....then upstairs for some pampering and primping and the best choc brownies and I am feeling very spoilt.
Then came the fun bit.... photos!!!
Ellenor has the most engaging way of getting the absolute best from her models.....i found out so many tips and tricks about positioning (sometimes quite awkward, but never uncomfortable) to disguise those imperfections we all want to hide.
Ellenor had great ideas but also was open to suggestions and happy to help me achieve the ideas i had as well...we shared stories and lots of laughter and by the end of the session I had a new friend.....as i got in the car to go home i noticed the school crossing flags were already out... could it really be 3pm.....what a lovely way to spend a day.
Thankyou Ellenor, I cant wait to see the finished photos �������


Fleur McCulloch


I havent had a glamor photoshoot for 25 odd years and wanted to surprise my hubby on our 27th wedding anniversary. I'm not very girly or comfortable in this setting but Ellenor was very supportive and patient and made the wardrobe changes and posing a fun experience! She asked what I was wanting to get out of the photoshoot and gave me the confidence I needed to relax. And...even better I look pretty terrific in the photos!!! Thanks again Ellenor!!

Susan Irwin

3 lovely Sisters-8.jpg

My two sisters and I spent an afternoon having a photoshoot with Ellenor. Beginning with a warm welcome by Ellenor and her husband (quite the barrista!) the whole day was fun and relaxing and created some wonderful memories that are now captured on film. Hair and makeup were beautifully done, quite glamorous but still natural.

It was a special day as we don't often get to spend time together, just the three of us, and we felt pampered and relaxed as we had our group shots and some individual photos done. Lots of fun and very well organised. We chose our photos yesterday and can't wait to pick them up now! Thanks Ellenor


Robyn Greenwood-11.jpg


A few months ago I had a special ME day with a Magical photographer, Ellenor de Boer – Photographer, I didn’t tell a soul, not even Lee (my husband) or the kids, headed off to Geelong with no idea what would unfold….. several hours of pampering, encouragement and lots of laughter I am beyond words how the photos turned out……Empowering Yes indeed.

Love this lady and Her photos, Yes I felt like I was on top of the world, Empowering, Yes indeed, I had so much confidence to try what I always wanted to do, even being heavily over weight….. Ellenor helped me find what we all have inside us Ladies, and Still be reflective of what others see every day…………………..Its ME  xxx



 It was a lovely experience.

I bought my voucher at a charity auction thinking I was helping out the charity, not giving what I bought much thought, thinking I would get a couple of photos of my husband and my self. After talking and working with Ellenor and suggesting some artistic shots, we worked together to bring my ideas to fruition. I had so much fun creating my photos, I could have done this all day; and the photos turned out so good.


I truly loved the experience and between your magic & talent and Anastacia's (my hair and make up artist) hard work I finally can look at my photos and know that I looked wonderful.

So a BIG thank you for everything.

I absolutely loved the experience (completely out of my comfort zone!) and adore & respect yours and Anastacia's work... talent talent talent!!

Thanks again.