As you can see I love photographing women,  I love what I can create for you. All my working life has been about allowing women to shine, I started my career in the clothing industry designing clothes, the part that I loved the most was when I worked in the bridal industry, designing and making clothes, what a thrill it is to see a bride shine.  We all love to see a radiant bride, there is something special about her on her wedding day.

Now as my working life has been winding down a little I had the time to pick up a camera and learn how to use it, we all start photographing landscapes, streetscapes, our families special moments. For me the area I liked the most is to work with people, and yes I had to make people feel good about them selves, they had to look good too. It is just what I do!!!! I cannot help it, I have to work with pretty things, it is just in me.

I love learning and experimenting so this will make up a large part of the art work that you will receive. We can play with makeup and hair, tull, pretty dresses, jewels, feathers, soft light to flatter you, it is all about having fun, pampering and girly time. 

I love to feel good, so why shouldn’t you?