The Beautiful Woman Project


As women we tend to focus on the parts of our body that we don’t like, my bottom is too big, I am too fat, have you ever asked your self why do we need to do this? With constant affirmation we tell ourselves that we are not good enough, life kicks us around to also affirm our thoughts.
Lets start to talk about the wonderful features we have and affirm them, see ourselves how the ones that love us see us. Find that person that smiles, laughs and has confidence in her self , bring her out of her shell again and let the sun shine in.



Patrycja is a mum, an amazing musician and an all round beautiful woman. 
She is a lady that has survived a very traumatic accident and has come out the other side. She had not smiled for a long time and was not sure if she could.
For her having a photo session, being pampered and seeing herself in a way she had not seen herself for a long time   has put the smile back on her face.


Shelby Brooks is one very brave young Lady. 
Shelby told me she suffered from Anxiety and Depression and did not feel very good about her self. During our time together at her photo shoot I discovered a little bit about this beautiful young woman. I looked at her page after her photo session and discovered the day before she went down to the shops to buy her cat some food, but this was not as easy as you would expect, Anxiety gripped her and what would have normally been a 10 minute task, this day took her 1 hour. Not being able to cross the road because of Anxiety and crying uncontrollably with out reason, the cruelness of this disease.
I can only applaud her for being so brave, she is fighting back and healing her self, she has plans for the future to be a nail technician and start her own little business.
I think she is incredibly brave, beautiful, kind and an all round wonderful person. Ellenor xxx

Let your self shine, have some me time and find that beautiful woman.